New Student Tips from Your PAs!!

Here are some more pieces of advice from your Peer Advisors! Please feel free to reach out to any of us with your questions – we would love to talk with you!

Welcome to William & Mary! We are so excited that you are here! Between classes, clubs, activities, and new friends, you are going to have so much that you want to do. Try not to overload yourself in any area, but instead have a balance of school life, social life, and you-time. College is a lot of fun, but it is very easy to get drawn into too much and get overwhelmed. Welcome home!

-Liz Miller

There are many decisions to make in the first few weeks and months of college, but know that things will work out no matter what you choose. Just trust the process and remember to bring shower shoes!

-Tess Kendrick

Don’t feel the need to lose sleep over anything! You might feel nervous or anxious or stressed but do not lose sleep over it!

-Connie Lee

Don’t be afraid of failure, whether it’s a “B” or an “F”. ┬áNo one is perfect and college is the place to make mistakes and learn from them!

-Karyn Cumming

The most important thing you can do to be successful is take care of yourself. Relax. Classes and grades are important, yes, but you are important, too. Go out to eat with friends, go to the fun events around campus, go see a movie every once in a while. That is how you get to know the world around you, and it is something that you can’t get from a textbook.

-Kylee Hartman-Caballero

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