Let BOB Help You!

It’s nearly course registration time again! Confused? Have questions? There is always BOB to guide you through the process. Who’s this Bob, you say? The invisible PA who brings doughnuts to the meetings? Nope. BOB is a way of approaching class registration so that it is the fun experience it was always meant to be. An almost guaranteed protection against Course Remorse, all for $39.99. Just kidding.

BOB= Browse, Open, Balance. That’s all there is to it! First, browse the catalog – with purpose. The Fall 2018 course catalog was posted 2 weeks ago! Get in there and dig around. Make sure you take a gander at what has been offered in past semesters or what is on the horizon for the summer. This information can be invaluable in planning your schedule now. Leave no stone unturned and find the hidden gems! Second, be Open. Now, we all want what we want, but ask any PA and they will tell you how important it is to have several “backup” options just in case. Now is your time to test your open mindedness! Take a dive into something new; you just might find a new path to pursue that you had never considered. Third, remember to Balance. Ommmm. A happy schedule is a balanced schedule. Consider your learning/study style when choosing your course load; factors such as how many tests/papers, how long are lectures, how many group projects all come into play. Some professors will send you an old syllabus if they have taught the course before so you can judge; if this is not possible they may be able to give you a general overview. PA’s are a ready resource for you at this time of year as well. Don’t be shy about asking for help here; but be sure to bring BOB!

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