Get Ready for Move In!

With move in right around the corner, hopefully most of you have already started packing! Even if you haven’t, (please start right after reading this) these tips will hopefully help you out when move in day comes!

Pack essentials in a separate, easily accessible bag

It’s always a good idea to have necessities like a change of clothes or medications in a separate bag so you know exactly where they are. The last thing you want to do is try to search through your packed boxes looking for something small but important.

Bring a tool set

You never know what you or a hallmate may need to assemble on move in day. It’s always a good idea to bring a small tool set for situations like this. You can even get two in one hammer screwdrivers!

Figure out a plan with your roommate

Dorm rooms are tiny, and feel tiniest when you’re trying to move all your stuff in. If you can, coordinate different times with your roommate to bring your biggest stuff in. This way you both aren’t fighting to get in the doorway at the same time.

Plan your furniture placement beforehand

There are a lot of good websites, like, that allow you to figure out exactly where you want your furniture to be before you start moving stuff around. This will help both your sore arms and your sanity.

Put things in easy to move boxes so you can move your stuff as fast as possible

William & Mary has limited parking, and pretty much all the freshmen move in on the same day. This means that it’s nice to let someone else use your parking spot ASAP. Having everything in boxes that can be easily moved out of your car and onto the sidewalk makes this whole transition much faster. Then you can go ahead and move the car to a farther spot since you’re done with it for the time being.

As the festive saying goes, hydrate or diedrate, and make sure to dress comfortably too!

Williamsburg is HOT, especially when you’re moving heavy boxes up and down stairs. Make sure to stay hydrated and fed, and take a short break if you need it. Bring some protein bars! You don’t want to be the kid that faints the first day of orientation. Not the best college kick off.

Make a good first impression

Moving in can be stressful, but make sure to smile and introduce yourself to your hallmates! Most of my hallmates freshman year are still some of my best friends, and I hope that many of you will have the same experience. 😊

Good Luck!! You got this!

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