Why Freshman Move-In is Like Jedi Training

You may be wondering about the title for this post- it does seem a little out there. If you have seen Star Wars, you will of course remember the Jedi training Luke Skywalker received under the watchful eyes of Master Yoda. I should pause here and mention that if you haven’t seen Star Wars, you should really watch them – your life will never be the same again.

During the training, Luke not only works on his physical strength, but also on his mental strength. You will need both to conquer freshman move-in. When your cars arrive on campus, there will be no shortage of confusing roads, directional signs, and the inevitable masses of people milling about which you will have to navigate through. When you arrive at your home for the year, you will then have to summon all of your strength to unload heavy boxes and carry them up or down 1, 2, and even sometimes 3 flights of stairs! This exhausting feat will leave you sweaty and full of endorphins to take on the rest of Orientation.

As you say goodbye to your parents and begin to meet your new hallmates, you will exercise your mental muscles, just as Luke must learn to do through the power of the Force. Whether or not you want to admit it, you will miss your family… a little. You will be given a wealth of new information, culminating in your first day of classes, which begins the next adventure of your mental ropes course.

Wise Master Yoda says to Luke, “Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try” when Luke doubts himself and his ability to use the Force. Such is the case with move-in day. It will happen and everyone will make it through – parents included!

I wish you all of the best – welcome to the Tribe!

And may the Force be with you.

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