COLL Studies is Here!!

Summer is a fun time to relax, travel, maybe even earn some money through a job or internship. For incoming William & Mary students, summer also includes the COLL Studies course! This course is designed to help new students transition into college, or at least into William & Mary. Students learn about our curriculum, research resources available to them, and practice looking up classes to take, registering for classes, and emailing professors.

While it may seem like homework during the summer (the worst- I know!), COLL Studies is meant to simply provide important information to new students in this huge transition time. The less you procrastinate, the sooner it will be done – and you may even learn some good study habits for the fall!!

As always, Peer Advisors are here to assist and support new students for the duration of the COLL Studies course – don’t hesitate to reach out!

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