Our Ampersandbox: Then & Now

Well, we’ve finished up another awesome year at William & Mary! Last Friday I headed home, and despite the unseasonably warm weather which made it feel more like summer (we hit a RealFeel of 102°F the other day, which is about 32° too warm for me), I jumped right into my spring cleaning routine.

I’ve just finished my sophomore year at W&M, meaning I’m halfway through my time at W&M, meaning I’m already predisposed to be sappy and emotional. Squirreled away in my closet, however, I found a bag full of nostalgia from my freshman year that immediately put a stop to any aspirations I’d had to productivity. That’s how cleaning your room goes, though, isn’t it? 10% cleaning and 90% playing with things you’d forgotten you had.

Anyway, included in this bag was one of the first pieces of correspondence I ever received from William & Mary: the Ampersandbox.



The Ampersandbox is a clever package of postcards with adjective pairs that capture tantalizing little bits of the William & Mary experience. From the basics (like Majors & Minors or Facts & Figures) to the emotional (Pomp & Circumstance or Near & Far) to the quirky (Naked & Friendly or Bread & Butter), these cards give prospective students a glimpse into the Heart & Soul of our dear old W&M.

As I was looking at my Ampersandbox I remembered reading and re-reading the information on the back of them, wishing desperately to be a part of the Tribe they were telling me about. Now, two years later, I’m reading and re-reading the adjectives on the front and connecting them with the memories and experiences and family members the Tribe has given me.

My Ampersandbox whetted my appetite, but it could never have prepared me for what would turn out to be the two most demanding and exhilarating years of my life. With the help and guidance of my professors, advisors, peers, and friends, I’ve gone Near & Far, changed my plans, learned to go with the Ebb & Flow, challenged my own expectations, and grown as a person (by Leaps & Bounds!). I’m still on my way Onward & Upwards, and now I have the opportunity to help others discover their own ampersands.

Check out the William & Mary Peer Advising page on Facebook for regular updates over the summer, and be sure to reach out with any questions you have regarding William & Mary. Our favorite thing is answering questions from prospective Students & Parents.

The next ampersand I’m working on is getting my room Neat & Orderly. Wish me luck!

Monica Cronin
President of the Peer Advising Executive Board

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