One Hint to Survive a Summer in the ‘Burg

A summer in Williamsburg means a couple things: heat, humidity, sweating, and most importantly, talking about sweating. A typical conversation in Williamsburg starts with the following:

Tour Guide: How y’all doing today?

Random Person on the Tour: Man, it’s hot as _________ (fill in the blank: appropriate answers would be along the lines of “blazes,” “the desert,” or my personal favorite “Hades.” Inappropriate answers? Just fill it in with any expletive, because we’ve heard those too).

So really, there’s only one way to get through it alive and still make it out having enjoyed the summer. The answer? A Busch Gardens Seasons Pass. 10% off food and all merchandise, free parking, and it pays for itself after two visits. What is better than that?

The Griffon (why is it not spelled the same way as our new mascot?? I find it oddly confusing) is an incredible rush as you start off the ride being dangled above the entire park, watching your life flash before your eyes before being dropped towards the ground. Amazing!

What’s been even nicer this summer are the fireworks every night, “Illuminights,” which can be seen in the distance from all over Williamsburg.

This blog may seem a bit too happy and upbeat, so I’ll have to come up with some more controversial subject material some time soon. However, I will soon be back at this wonderful theme park, drinking an Anheuser Busch product, riding on the Griffon (while screaming like a little kid in front of my girlfriend – that’s embarrassing), and actually enjoying the Williamsburg heat.

Busch Gardens, I would greatly appreciate some sort of financial compensation for this blog. I’ll stop by customer services the next time I’m there.

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