Laundry Without Mom

Gone are the days of having warm, folded laundry appear on my bed when I least expect it. Instead, three years ago as I lugged my hamper up the steps and started my first load of laundry, I managed to shrink all my t-shirts while forgetting to separate colors and whites. Coming home for my first Fall Break was somewhat rattling as well when my dear mother made me do all my own laundry.

Since then, even a simple experience like doing laundry has helped me to grow up and start figuring out how to be an adult. The easy task (albeit daunting in the beginning) of dragging the hamper to the machine, separating the loads, and getting into a perfect rhythm while folding has showed me all the different everyday tasks that are incredibly necessary for growing up into an independent adult.

This summer, the maturing process has gone into hyperdrive as I’m now on my own, cooking my own meals, doing the dishes, doing my laundry, paying my bills, and even packing my lunch just the way mom used to do it. Gone are the days of taking for granted everything that was done for me growing up. Being almost 22, I’ve had to quickly get it together and realize that these little tasks that I never thought anything of are necessary for everyday survival.

So far, so good. But Mom, if you’re reading this right now, feel free to come visit soon–the dirty clothes are starting to overflow and I could always use the help.

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