Summer in Williamsburg

After getting used to the 95° average that just seems to be the norm here in Williamsburg, I am very grateful to be spending the summer before my senior year at William and Mary. The campus is undergoing a lot of construction and there are, of course, less students on campus, but W&M is still thriving.

As a friend and I walked around Colonial Williamsburg last week, I realized how much of the area I had not seen. So I purchased my Colonial Williamsburg mug (which was a steal at $11, because you can get unlimited refills throughout the year, including slushies and ice cream) and embraced the tourists! We witnessed an auction, had lunch near the Governor’s Palace, and baked in the heat! But it was great to venture past the bookstore and see all that Colonial Williamsburg has to offer.

Many of us head to the Rec Center after work, meet up with friends, and still go to the Leafe on Mondays for half-priced hamburgers. Everyone is up to date on World Cup matches and the early rounds of Wimbledon. All in all, William and Mary might be lacking a few students around campus but the sense of home is still here. Without the hustle and bustle of classes, exams, and group meetings I think we all see W&M in a different light. I’m certainly enjoying my summer here so far and hope that I can take this relaxed summer vibe into the fall semester!

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