You’ll Smile…

Years from now you’ll look back on this moment and smile. You’ll smile because you’ll realize what you have created. You’ll smile for the many lives that you’ve touched and the impact you’ve made. You’ll smile with gratitude and thanks in your heart, grateful for the people in your life who have helped shape you.

You might not realize it now, but someday you’ll look back and smile on all of those times you were scared of what the future would hold. You’ll smile thinking about those fears and understand that you ended up exactly where you need to be. You’ll smile thinking of the many innocent memories and reminisce on the days when you weren’t responsible for anyone other than yourself. Maybe you’ll still be alone, but you’ll smile knowing that you wouldn’t have done it differently. When you look back on these times you’ll smile when you remember your awkward moments and greatest achievements. You’ll smile at the many things that have changed and likely the many things that have remained. You’ll smile at the vistas you can remember and the world that you have experienced. You’ll smile for your loved ones and the ones who lost touch, imagining their lives and their happy moments. You’ll smile for the days when you would sleep until 1pm without a worry in the world. You’ll smile for the times you just skimmed by and the times you worked your hardest. You’ll smile for the peace you’ll find in your heart when you realize that you’re smiling and then… You’ll smile again.

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