The Hand You’re Dealt

Sometimes we find ourselves in an unpredictably difficult bind trying to figure out what move we are going to play next. We weigh the options in front of ourselves considering the possibilities, the ramifications and the consequences, but cannot predict the ultimate outcome. With our best poker face we navigate decisions – both simple and complex – that affect our lives and the people that we become. We understand that the game is played differently by every player, yet we seek the knowledge of those before us to create a frame of reference for our choices.  Still, we must remember that an identical hand will unfold in a different manner every round depending on the other cards at the table.

When you are born you are handed a set of cards. It is up to you to decide when and how to play them. It is at the opportune time, at the opportune moment that you reveal the trick of the hand.

So, save the shiny card. Hold onto the Ace. Humbly keep your greatest asset to yourself as a quiet strength that grounds you and reassures you of the choices that you make. There will be times in your life when you want to reveal to the world the things that have made you successful in your own right, but wait… one thing that you will begin to recognize is that your life, your choices, and actions are a reflection of your confidence. Have the will to believe in yourself. When you hold the power, you chose your fate. But the minute you let that go…

The greatest poker players never reveal their hand. As the round finishes they quietly place their cards face down on the table, keep to themselves and remain collected. They might look back and wonder what would have happened had they played a different card. Sometimes they have regrets. We all do. The next time the same situation arises they consider it twice before folding prematurely. Even if it is an entirely different circumstance, the same hand will solicit a warning of a possible missed opportunity. Be aware of these moments. Just because something potentially was right in a certain context once-upon-a-time does not necessarily mean that the outcome will be the same. Be wary, yet optimistic. Skeptical and hopeful. Calculated and willing to risk. Have faith in your cards and faith in yourself. Have faith in the hand that you’re dealt.

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