Love Language

It dawned on me a few days ago the importance of sharing your love language. I was sitting in the middle of a crowded cafe watching old couples, young students, children and families interact. Conversation flowed easily for some, more forced for others, but together this sea of voices created a melody that served as soft background music to my lame attempts at studying. In a quick glance scanning the room, I was able to recognize multiple gestures of love; the way that he leaned in close to hear her Halloween story, the look the little boy gave his father as he reached to grab his hand, the giddy talk of the two girls sitting in the corner who sent laughter echoing throughout the café, and the romantic gaze between the couple who looked into one another’s eyes as they enjoyed a late afternoon coffee. As I carried away busily typing my paper and furiously scribbling notes from my textbook I looked up to catch the eye of an older gentleman sitting in the corner of the room. He politely smiled and turned back to his book. It was such a simple gesture, but so unexpected and genuine that I nearly got up out of my seat to thank him. Over the next ½ hour I watched people come and go from the café each of them passing by the old man, without a second glance. I can only imagine his story, all that he has experienced in his life, and it is likely that I will never know. But as I observed the hustle and bustle of the café I noticed something special about him. Periodically, he would stop, look up from his book, make eye contact with someone, smile the most genuine smile I have ever seen, and then turn back down to his book. He clearly understood the power of a smile. The language of love. Love language is something that we often overlook, but I think is truly necessary to share and to spread…

They say that there are five official love languages that drive our interactions with one another; words of affirmation, quality time, giving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. Each individual has a love language they speak and receive, perpetuating positive feelings and encouraging love. Take a moment to stop and consider what language you speak. Kind words. Meaningful cards. Thoughtful presents. Endless time. A heartfelt hug. Volunteering to help. What ways do you like to receive? A pat on the back. Help completing a project. A warm plate of cookies. An ear to hear your woes. Someone telling you you’re good enough. What makes you smile?

I believe in the goodness of people. In a world where color means beauty and class is just a word. I believe in a world where love is a universal language that can be understood across seas and beyond boundaries. I believe that emotions are the common thread between us all, and love, or lack thereof, defines those feelings. In this world, you decide your part. You have the power to tear others apart or build people up with your words, actions and thoughts. What amazes me is why anyone would ever choose the former. Ultimately, there’s no way to “love right” the important thing is that you’re doing it; you are loving and living every day trying to share it; your love language.

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