Retreat? More Like an Advance.

When I was a minister, I frequently visited an older woman who was not able to come to church anymore. She was hilarious and hospitable, and often full of wise insight. During one visit, I was telling her about how our staff retreat was busy and idea-generating, but also exhausting. She said, “that’s not a retreat. It’s an advance.”

Having recently completed three “retreats” in preparation for the year – with our office, our division, and one of our program exec boards – I still hear Ms. Dixon’s words in my ears. Each was most certainly more a time of gearing up and moving forward, rather than falling back for the sole purpose of restoring and relaxing. In this season, that’s what most of us are doing: making plans. Getting to know others. Envisioning what could be, and how we’ll get there.

Whether you are coming to William & Mary and our community for the first time as a new student, or you’re returning to see familiar faces and spaces you already know and love, welcome. Welcome to a season of looking forward to what we can do together with our communities. To partnering with others in ways that help all people reach their full potential. And, to reflecting even as we move forward, on what we’re learning about ourselves and our community. The Office of Community Engagement has prepared a myriad of ways that you can be engaged with others and practice your active citizenship. I hope you’ll join us.

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