Face to Face

We in Branch Out alternative breaks have been thick in a season of recruitment this fall, already. If you follow any of our leadership team on Facebook, you know this well. Interested in leading others in a trip? Apply to be a Branch Out National site leader. Looking for something meaningful to do over Fall Break? Sign up for an alternative break right here in our area. Want to expand your horizons and understanding of our global community? Join an international alternative break team.

Still, as snazzy as our Facebook cover photos are, all the news feed reminders in the world don’t have the same power as a simple “hello!” and shared conversation does. So we took it to the streets – or the Sadler Center, more accurately. Last week’s Branch Out tabling in the atrium, as well as countless invites to coffee, announcements in classes, and casual mentions among friends allowed us to tell the story of what you can experience with Branch Out more personally.

Funny thing is how the face to face can connect so well with the online world, and they ultimately feed into each other. During tabling in the Sadler Center, we had a white board campaign – which resulted in an astronomical spike in Facebook page traffic, the likes of which (ha) we’d never seen before. In the process, we had the chance to talk to dozens of people about why they serve, and what active citizenship is to them. The photos were a vehicle toward those conversations – and a way, we hope, to lead to more conversations. After all, one of the people we talked to came up to the table saying, “I’ve read all about Branch Out online – tell me more!”

So, don’t be surprised if one of your friends slides a story about their alternative break into your next conversation – and please look up our Facebook page and tell us your stories, too. We’ll make a date to follow up and hear more, face to face.

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