So today while we were interning, we got bored. No surprise here.

However one of my co-workers had the bright idea of changing the lyrics of popular songs in order to make them more “kid-friendly”. This ignited a half-hour to forty-five minutes of playing random “Kidz Bop” songs. We then began re-creating these songs in high pitched falsettos in hopes of imitating children (not my proudest moments). Anyway….here are some of the things we came up with:

“My Love” -Formerly by Justin Timberlake


Because, I can see us holding hands

Sitting by the swings our toes in the sand

I can sitting by the twisting slide

Sitting in the grass laying side by side

You can be baby

Gonna make you my baby

Girl you amaze me

Ain’t gotta do nothing crazy

See all I want you to do is eat my lunch

“Love in this Club” – Usher

“We’re gonna have fun in this club (YAY)”

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