Wild and Wonderful

This spring break, I will be embarking on an epic adventure.

Forget the beach. Forget tropical waters. Forget bikinis. Forget warmth.

This spring break I will be embarking to the most exotic location that I can personally think of … West Virginia. How many places can you go to that are both “Wild and Wonderful”? None, other than WVA.

Typically, I think of West Virginia as a hilly barrier between home (Batavia, Ohio) and school. How many hours have I cursed the terrain that seems to spiral and twist up and up and up, only to twist all the way back down? Repeat this for about four hours, and I have successfully passed through West Virginia.

Now, I am seeing West Virginia in a whole new light. I am seeing it as a respite and an adventure with a few good friends, until cabin fever begins to weed away the weak.

I am seeing it as a week that, while planned to be filled with horseback riding, hiking, exploring local towns; will instead be filled with sleeping, eating, napping (a different form of sleep), lounging and board games. Why the change? Well, the ten-day forecast shows rain, rain, rain and a potential flurry.

Hopefully, we have an uneventful, clear drive only to be nestled in our cabin beds (which may or may not have sheets, we haven’t asked) by the time that the rain starts. And then in the morning, I will awake to my good friend Ali, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, making a gourmet breakfast on our stove (if our cabin has one). Next, I will pass Asha and Sam watching the morning news (if there is a television and cable) on my way to the bathroom (which is hopefully inside the cabin with modern plumbing). Only to begin my day reading under a lamp (if we have electricity) on a comfy sofa (if this place has furniture).

So, there may be a few things we don’t know. And with T-3 days until we leave, there are probably a few things we should figure out. But, in the spirit of procrastination, we’ll see what happens…

Let the voyage begin.

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