The Importance of Family

Yesterday my sister and my grandma came into town.  When my sister came into Admission, my roommate commented that it was the most talkative she has ever seen me at work.   I find that pretty shocking because I am rarely quiet.  I think the real explanation is that my sister and I have shockingly similar voices and from outside the office, it would just sound like I was somehow speaking over myself.

Anyways, you get it, I was pretty excited.

I could gush on about how wonderful family is, but I doubt that is something that anyone would want to read.   Or maybe I’m just projecting.

What I will do is highlight the benefits of family that are often overlooked.

Perspective:  Studying for the LSAT seems daunting until you have a sibling who is studying for the Bar Exam.  I may study for several hours a day, but he hasn’t seen sunlight for a week.

Belated birthday surprises:  It is your best friend’s birthday and you forgot.  Friendship terminated, right?  Not true with family, instead, you look forward to the belated gift.  The later it arrives, the greater the surprise.

The same accent and word choice:  Never in my own home am I mocked for saying “pop” or the particular way that I say “dad” (pronounced dayad).

Sun safety:  I never would have thought of this benefit until I met the Rison twins.  Same height and similar skin protection needs, twins are an obvious match for sunscreen sharing and assistance (please see attached photo).

Thank goodness for family.

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