What Transfer students stand for…

Transfer students represent a spice that makes life at William and Mary worthwhile: diversity! We come from various places and various colleges. We overflow with stories and life experiences that are representative of a different way to pursuing a college education than the traditional route. Naturally, we consist of different ages, personalities, beliefs, and opinions.

We are William and Mary’s prime channel to the diversity of America.  We are the Transfers… from the East to West. We are the Transfers… better than the rest. T-t-t-t-t T-Unit!

Some benefits to the word Transfer:

1.      It is a great conversation starter.

2.      It helps you get into closed classes.

3.      It means you belong to a small and significantly special group of your graduating class.

4.      It provides you with a special outlet of students who can relate with you on some level.

5.      If you are a junior or senior transfer it means you have bypassed the freshmen-sophomore period of being carless.

6.      It means you rock, what else?!

Go Transfers!

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