Spring Break in NYC

Spring Break 2010, it is senior year and I thought I should go out with a big bang! So, a few friends and I took a week long trip to NYC. I always love to travel to NYC and enjoy the thrill of seeing the sights, constantly being on your toes, and running from taxi cabs. In fact, I always thought the best compliment a guy could give me was, “Times Square can’t shine as bright as you” from the song Hey There Delilah. However, during a week in NYC, to my surprise, I found myself missing Williamsburg. I was so ready to come home. NYC can keep the subways, rude masses of people pushing you around the sidewalks, and cabs trying to run you over as if it is Grand Theft Auto and they get points for every pedestrian they hit. Oh, and the horns! I will not miss waking up to car horns. The ironic part is that there are street signs posted all over NYC that pose a $350 fine for honking your horn. Go figure.

The point is… I am glad to be back to William and Mary! Believe it or not, this place has established a deep feeling of home to me and I am not sure that I want to go to graduate school anywhere but here. A few months ago I was burnt out and ready to depart from this state, but now I think I want to live here. In NYC I found myself thinking of Williamsburg quiet often, pointing out that NYC bricks were not like our bricks, criticizing the lifestyle and inconvenience of the city, and longing the peacefulness here on campus. I love waking up to the smell of morning Williamsburg dew and the sound of birds, unlike car horns.  NYC will always be a fun place to visit, but Williamsburg is a place to be at home.

For those familiar with the area and the campus traditions, and for those interested, check out the wonderful music video on youtube.com called Williamsburg State of Mind:


I love this rendition of campus/Williamsburg life, except for the part about it being boring. Williamsburg is far from NYC, it is not a traditional “party” town, but it has so much more to offer.

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