And it Goes On and On my Friend!

It is hard to believe that it is already that time of year.  With paper after paper and exam after exam the demands are high and the time is flying by.  At some point in this madness I will stop and wonder, “Where did the semester go?”  Although my work load never fails to be intense and sometimes exasperating, I cannot help but admit that I am having fun! Graduate school is so much more meaningful to me than undergraduate.  I get to study what I love and practice what I love.  There are very few times now where I have to do something that is tedious and futile.  Even when I am frustrated that I have to write a long paper and would rather sleep, deep down I know how much I am growing from every experience I am having in my graduate program and I appreciate the challenge.  It would be nice if graduate school was completely experiential learning, but the reality is that the other parts do matter and are worth your time.  I guess I cannot complain, because I am where I am supposed to be and I love what I do.  I just have to tough it out and never take it for granted because this is the time where my education is going to be personally the most valuable and mold me into the woman and counselor that I will become.  Although W&M undergrad and grad both feel like you are on a runaway train holding on for dear life, my goal is to maximize and enjoy the experience and take every moment I can to stop and breath in the very joy I get from spending time with my family, my boyfriend, my fellow counseling students/faculty.

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