Thoughts on Things in My Life Right Now, a.k.a. Another Blog Post Lacking Cohesion

That I’m dropping my water bottle approximately nineteen times a day

It needs to stop.

That I’m reading Hemingway’s “Big Two-Hearted River”  for my American Lit class, in which good ol’ Ernest talks for fifteen pages about a dude camping, making canned spaghetti, some stuff about grasshoppers, and catching trout.


That my MIXED fruit snack pack that I ate last night contained ALL strawberry, save for two peach

Seriously, Target, I want a refund.

That my mom emails me daily with pictures of our pet duck, named Duck, who is steadily approaching adolescence:

I’m just glad I’m not around to have to deal with those raging hormones, amirite?

That Busch Gardens Day, the second-coming of Christmas, is tomorrow

Did you hear me? CHRISTMAS.

That it is 84 degrees and muggy. In October.

Seriously, Williamsburg, I want a refund.

That the iPhone’s recent update gives you about a billion new Emojis

[picture of lifelike ram]

That its been announced that $8 million is going into Sadler’s expansion:

Fantastic. Just don’t touch the terrace.

That 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” is stuck in my head right now

Is this…okay…?

That I found Orson Welles notably attractive in Citizen Kane

This is not something I will share with my film class.

That a Beyoncé music video made me tear up last week


That leaves will be changing colors soon

[high-pitched, manic squeals]

That this blog post, like most others, has been in list format

I’ll work on it, okay?

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