(most of) My Day in Photos


Good morning, fraternity complex.


Heh. Freshmen.


The Cycling Team was repairing students’ bikes outside the Grind! Way to go, Cycling Team! And this kid Jonathan told me what was going on!


This is my new friend, Camino. He is one year old. We plan to hang out every day all the time for the rest of the year.


Oh hey.


No words are worthy of describing the holiness of these cookies.


A gaggle of sorority girls in Lodge 1! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen more Lilly Pulitzer contained in once space.


A polite Sadler employee attempted to help me get “Sandwich World” to read more clearly in the picture, which literally made me laugh out loud. What a great amusement park that’d make.



Amazing what you can find at Goodwill for $2.25.



New gravel on the path to the Caf! Hey, that almost rhymes.



Dinner at the Marketplace with my two biggest fans. This is the best picture I could get of them before they became suspicious of me taking pictures, which I of course denied.

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