Just a typical Saturday

A view of the Jefferson Memorial.

While we keep busy with homework and internships, William & Mary in Washington students love to take advantage of the city in which we now live.  On Saturday, I decided to take a study break to be adventurous and explore a part of the city I had not seen. I met a fellow intern from my internship for lunch in Friendship Heights, a cute neighborhood that lies in both northwest Washington and Chevy Chase, Maryland.  It reminds me of Georgetown with its great shopping and restaurants coupled with a suburban atmosphere.

We lunched at Cheesecake Factory and afterwards decided to explore the array of stores the neighborhood offers. While Friendship Heights does not have as many shops as Georgetown, it has almost everything one could imagine (there are many more options than we are accustomed to in Williamsburg).

One place that reminded me of Williamsburg was FroYo, a frozen yogurt shop, (think Berrybody but you serve yourself one of the six flavors it offers).  It was delicious and brought back memories of visiting Berrybody way too much last semester.

Cherry Blossoms surround the Tidal Basin.

I returned to my apartment and decided to meet up with Robin, Meghan and Cristina, fellow William & Mary in Washington students. We decided to go to a local restaurant to watch the Final Four.  It was great to catch up with friends over dinner while cheering on VCU and UConn.  Sadly, VCU lost and most of the restaurant, like us, was disappointed.  Robin is from Connecticut and we all like Kemba Walker so we are pulling for UConn Monday.

Some fellow William & Mary in Washington students decided to brave the cold and rain to go paddle boating in the Tidal Basin.  This is a popular activity during this time of the year because it is the Cherry Blossom Festival. Tourists from all over the world visit D.C. during these few weeks to see the Cherry Blossoms, many of which are located around the Tidal Basin.  They may be beautiful, but for people like me, they are terrible if you have allergies!

The last few weeks have been very busy but exciting. Check back for future blog posts discussing Adam’s latest “Brown Bag,” our meetings with alumni mentors and our visit to PBS.

***Thanks to Robin Downing for the beautiful photographs!

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