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I’m Leacy. I’m a freshman. And I’m not all together sure that my blog will be interesting to anyone beyond my immediate family, and maybe a few people from my hall, but I love the idea of blogging. College has been such a major transition for me, and I am looking forward to writing about it.

I first visited William and Mary on an 8th grade field trip. We ate in a dining hall, walked around campus because our bus was late, and took funny pictures with statues in Colonial Williamsburg. I never fathomed that one-day I would wind up here. I came back to visit the campus my junior year of high school. I was full of ideas about what I wanted in a college, but it wasn’t until I set foot on campus that I knew. William and Mary felt like home. It was one of the only campuses I visited that I could realistically picture myself living for four years. I came back senior year to sit in on a class, and that cinched it for me. I wanted to be a William and Mary student and a member of the Tribe.

I remember what it was like getting the letter. My friend Caroline drove home during lunch and got her letter, so I knew mine had to be waiting for me. I sprinted from my car to the mailbox, and was so thrilled when I saw the packet. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you that you are sure to get in, or how many letters of recommendation you have, it is impossible to feel confident about your first choice school. Impossible…unless, of course, you have nerves of steel. In that case, go you.

So that is me, my backstory on how I came here. Never regretted it for a moment.

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