The Real World

One of my favorite things about William and Mary is that it is never too late to try and/or start something new. In fact, even as a rising senior, I’m about to start something new myself. I have recently partnered up with one of my professors in the business school to start a seminar series geared towards upperclassmen at W&M. The seminar series is intended to help prepare those who will graduate soon from W&M for things they will encounter out in the “real world”–everything from taxes to insurance to credit. I plan to post my progress on the seminar series here on my blog so that you at home can see what it is really like to get an orgainzation going on this campus. We tell people it is easy on tours, but now you can see (or read) first hand!  So pull up a chair and keep coming back to read about the progress I’m making!

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