Is that your final decision? Part III

So there I was with no idea where I wanted to go to college and this is where the intense part of college applications comes in. Towards the end of senior year people start asking you which schools you are considering and then telling you everything bad they have ever heard about those schools. I had accumulated quite a list for all three of my schools by the time I decided to do overnights.

I won’t go through the whole overnight experience, but I can tell you that my overnight at William & Mary is what made my decision to go here. From the moment I came on campus as an admitted student I felt like I was a part of this community. At other schools I still felt like a visitor, but at William & Mary I felt immediately like I was a student. I am still friends with the girl that I stayed with and I still know and keep in touch with the professor with whom I talked after a class.

Overall, my advice to everyone is to find the school where you are a part of that family. Don’t listen to what other people tell you about schools. Form your own opinions about the school…enjoy yourself! The best school for you might not be an ivy, it might be huge or tiny…the point is to find the best school for you, not for anyone but you.

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