Bowling with the Deans – Intern Bowling

internbowlingTuesday night was the first of what will hopefully be many Tour Guide social events!  The tour guides (well…the couple of us that remembered to show up) went bowling with almost all of the Admissions deans!  Keep in mind, my previous mention of my athletic abilities, but bowling is a lot of fun regardless of whether or not I’m good at it.  We split ourselves up into three teams and came up with bowling nicknames–everything from Money Mike to Killa Ki to T Boolicious.  I think everyone had a great time.  The best part was that it was a chance for this years interns to get back at the deans for beating us so badly in kickball–and oh did we beat them (with the help of the other Tour Guides).  I don’t have the exact final scores, but we beat them.  Carrie and Mike were the surprises of the night both scoring much higher than most of the rest of us and they made it look effortless.  I spend my entire time bowling trying to get the ball to not go in the gutter, but they just walked up to the lane and dropped the ball.  Pretty incredible!  It was another night of W&M administrators and students having a great time together–we should have gone to Sno-to-Go afterwards…hmm ideas for next time!

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