Welcome to Sophomore year

The second weekend back at school and I still haven’t seen everyone yet.  Sure, I’ve seen most of my freshman hall and waved to friends I’ve seen around campus, but there are still people here and there that I’m dying to have lunch with, hear about their fascinating summers, upcoming course load, life in general.  Looking over at my colorful dry erase boards, there are scribbles of lunch dates, evening plans and reminders to text so-and-so.  Gone are the days of walking down the hall, knocking on neighbors doors to see if someone wants to grab a bite to eat.

I’m beginning to recognize voices around the hall; getting used to the overused kitchen because meal plans are no longer required; and have figured out how much more (or less) I can sleep in before class.  Some days require me running around like a crazy person just trying to fit lunch in between classes;  My parents joke that they have to make an appointment to talk to me on the phone.  Others are relaxed (despite my 8am class) giving me time to enjoy the day and take a breath.  So far, the year has been a shifting balance of work and play, old and new.  So far so good.

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