Sounds like Finals

A typical afternoon:

Flip flops shuffling up and down the hall. Complaining over lectures, discussions of orgo, bio and econ.  The occasional hallmate practicing her acapella solo.  The smell of burnt toast in the kitchen, or the late night chocolate chip cookies wafting down the hall.  Oh, and the distracting beat of a bass coming from the floor below.  A typical freshman dorm…no wonder Swem is so popular.

But today, the halls are eerily quiet.  No text message beeps coming from down the hall, no knocks on the door just to say hi.   I haven’t seen some of my hallmates in days. It’s never been easier to find a table at Sadler at prime dinnertime!  With finals in the air, some students rarely see the sun.

Studying in Swem makes me panic that I’m not studying as hard as the other silent bodies are, but studying in my room all day drives me stir crazy.  By four o’clock I can barely sit at my desk without fighting to stay off facebook.  *Finals = Stress Overload*

My Solution = 3 friends+3 pints of ice cream+3 episodes of Friends.

Some much-needed R&R was just what I needed to re-energize for the next day’s study session. Keep an eye out for some late night rancers; I hear it’s a great de-stressor.

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