the cave

It’s 4:05pm on Friday which means we’re 55 minutes away from the weekend!! I’m sitting in the admission office at the lobby desk with Asst Dean Josh Henry and we’re trying to figure out what to blog about before the workday ends. I decided, since I’m only thinking about my weekend plans at this point, I’ll write about it.

I’m starting off this weekend with intern bonding. In t-minus 6 hours we’ll be on our way to the cave.

the cave

the cave

Wendy, our boss and one of the assistant deans, has gotten us VIP access to one of Virginia Beach’s premier nightclubs. I know she’s the best boss ever right? Well she is a great boss, but we’re actually getting the VIP treatment because her husband owns the club. I wish you could see the excitement in the office. There have been at least 30 emails among the interns throughout the course of the day with countdowns, food plans, and youtube videos to get us ready. It’s going to be ridiculous…I’m sure you’ll hear more about it on Monday-I know you’ll be watching.

After the VIP treatment at the cave tonight the intrigue of my weekend goes down the crapshoot for the reader-I mean who can compete with VIP club access? Saturday my friend Katie is coming to the burg after spending a few weeks in Hawaii. We’ll probably end up roaming CW at Stephanos or Retros and potentially making fun of the tourists-yes WM students make fun of you freedom pass wearers, get over it. Saturday night I’m babysitting the girls I talked about in high school musical.

Sunday night I’m going to Sunday night movies on Prince George St in CW for a showing of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with the Graduate Education Association. Prince George St closes every Sunday night to show a movie on a screen set up in the middle of the street. The vendors like Aromas, Retros, and the Blue Talon also stay open so you can grab food while you watch.

Basically this weekend is going to be ridiculously amazing. It’s now 4:20 so there’s only 40 minutes between me and preparation for the cave. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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