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This is a public service announcement for all prospective William and Mary students. There are TONS of things to do in Williamsburg on and off campus so quit thinking you’re going to be hanging out with colonials.

For some reason during the past week I have had at least 10 people come up to me complaining about the lack of fun activities in the burg. First I will refer you to one of my first blog posts which listed the fun things the interns are planning on doing during the summer. Not only are all these opportunities available during the summer, but there are a bagillion more during the school year when UCAB (University Center Activities Board) plans campus-wide events.

As a prospective student you should be excited about the new High Street development. Just a five minute drive from campus on Richmond Road a brand new development complete with another movie theater is currently being built. The new movie theater, called Movie Tavern, will not only show movies, but also have a dining option as well! Williamsburg is getting a legitimate dinner theater with blockbuster movies and dinner all wrapped into one! They are also planning other shops and stores within the development.

You should also be excited about the numerous activities on campus like comedy shows, dance parties, laser tag, cookouts, concerts, and themed events. Your problem will be finding time to study and actually work rather than finding something fun to do. So don’t worry about social outlets in Williamsburg, from the new night club to the beach to New Town and High Street you will find numerous off campus activities. Heck you might not even make it off campus because of all the great events going on right outside your dorm room!

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