scratch that.

I know I know, my blog title is brick pathways so I should like them. But on days like today, when it’s raining, I hate them. No matter how many pairs of galoshes you buy, you will slip on the bricks. Today it’s raining, not the flash thunderstorm downpour raining, but slow sprinkling sometimes large drops raining.

One of the worst things about Williamsburg, other than parking, is the brick pathways in the rain. As you

barrett porch

barrett porch

can imagine the bricks are rather old, and well, dirty. (They are outside and line the paths of campus so it’s understandable. ) When it rains the bricks transform into mini slip-n-slides on various inclines and uneven levels. This equals problematic walking.

You have to admit sitting on Barrett porch during a rainstorm is amazing. During that time, especially sitting in a rocking chair, you can’t help but appreciate the rain. Trying to get to Barrett porch from Landrum, two dorms down, is a different story. You’ll probably fall eight times, stub your toe, mess up your jeans, and loose your galoshes. Don’t worry though, you’ll finally get there after 10 minutes of dodging puddles.

Basically plan for the rain with galoshes and washable pants. When it rains in the burg, give yourself 10 extra minutes for walking, aka dodging the muddy, slippery bricks.

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