Before I start writing about my amazing weekend I feel I need to update everyone after being gone for a week.

1. the cave=awesome. must see. look at other intern blogs.

2. week away=interviews every day last week so no blogging

Okay so now that we’ve got that out of the way, I know you expected a long explanation for each of those, I want to let you know about my weekend in Kentucky.

How did I end up in Kentucky you ask? William and Mary. How did William and Mary send me to Kentucky? My freshman hallmate Ashley. I met Ashley my first day here at WM, but we didn’t start to become close friends until a few weeks into freshman year. We bonded over ice cream and movies and have been best friends ever since-we even lived together last year.

Ashley has been nagging me to come to Kentucky since sophomore year and I finally took her up on the offer. Her hometown of Jamestown, Kentucky, population 2,000, sits on the edge of Lake Cumberland in the western part of the state. Ashley’s family hosted a huge Fourth of July party this past weekend I flew out to attend.

This was a big deal for me since I don’t do airplanes and I was traveling by myself. Ashley called with encouragement and helped me navigate my way to her house.

Let me tell you this was the best crazy adventure of my life! Ashley is the oldest of four kids who all are a riot, especially when they are together. I had such a great time meeting people from southern Kentucky and experiencing Lakefest, aka 10k runs and bloomin onions, in one of the smallest towns I’ve ever experienced.

William and Mary allowed me to meet an amazing friend and her wonderful family! Plus I got to visit a place I never would have seen without her friendship!

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