katie’s guide to healthy living

You probably thought you were about to receive a lecture about eating healthy created by me. Clearly you don’t know me that well. I HATE eating healthy. Give me french fries and fried chicken (not on the bone) any day over salads and nasty vegetables.

So why the sudden interest in eating healthy?  After some unfortunate health events, and lots of coercing, I have been forced to change my diet.  Knowing I could never willingly give up my fried food heritage of Southwest Virginia, I decided I needed some help.  There had to be something semi-healthy that had some flavor right?  In March I enlisted the help of a friend to start my road to healthy eating.  Friday I received “Katie’s Guide to Healthy Living,” a four page healthy eating guide, menu included, from my friend in Missouri who had just finished the MCAT and was able to devote time to my good health.  Here’s a brief sample menu from my healthy eating guide…can’t share too much…

Lunch –

Turkey wrap – low carb roll-up (Flat-Out aren’t bad), various healthy toppings (red peppers, basil, mustard not mayo, spinach…)

1 serving vegetables (click link for ideas)

1 apple

This is just a small sample of how great the people are at William and Mary.  I’ve only known this friend for a couple of months, but I knew they were my go-to-guy for healthy eating.  Where else can you find friends who will take time out of the summer to make you a healthy eating guide catered to your favorite foods?  I asked my own sister to help me out and she would have nothing to do with it!  The people here are great!  I’ve never been to a more caring, fun-loving place in my entire life!

And in case you’re wondering, I ate a cheeseburger and mac-n-cheese for lunch.  Will my friend approve?  Absolutely not.  But it was on a whole wheat bun-I mean hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere!

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