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Today is my third day in the Admission Office as a summer intern.  While we (all the interns who are here) were making playlists for work I couldn’t help but think about a spunky three year old who would kill to sing High School Musical to me.  I came to school and wanted to find some small job to make a little spending money.  Within the first year I was here I found a great babysitting job.  Through Honor Council I got to know one of the deans and started babysitting for him.  Every weekend I went to their house the little girl pulled me upstairs to plan her High School Musical birthday party and tell me about all the latest songs she had learned from the sequel to the movie.

Now I know you love hearing about Disney movies just as much as the next college student, but quite frankly I could care less about the movie.  I wanted to tell you about High School Musical because it has allowed me to get to know one of the people in the administration a little bit better.  Babysitting has let me see an administrator in a whole new light.  I get to visit a mentor and friend that happens to be a dean.  Most college students will never personally meet their deans unless they’re in trouble.  Just the other week he even invited all the senior members of the Honor and Judicial Councils over to his house for a cookout.  We had burgers, chicken, and homemade apple pie.

Basically you’re going to be able to get to know your professor and the administration here at the College.  You’ll be a name, a babysitter, heck one of the interns is being paid by a student activities advisor to house-sit this summer.  So get to know your professors and activities advisors so you can learn a little more about a piece of their lives.

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