After writing my first blog entry I realized no one knows why I chose brick pathways as my title.  Good job Katie.

When I interviewed for the summer admission intern/interviewer position, I was asked to describe my favorite place on campus.  Immediately I thought of the brick pathways in the Sunken Garden.  One of my favorite activities on campus is laying on the brick pathways in the Sunken Garden at night and looking at the stars.  The Sunken Garden at night is absolutely beautiful-foggy nights with the layer of white that sits at your waist-line is indescribable.  During exams my sophomore year at the college, one of my friends and I were walking back from a late-night Wawa run (more on those later) and we stopped and layed down on the bricks.  It was a great way to just relax and remember how gorgeous the campus is and how great it is to be here at William and Mary.

During the day the brick pathways are the prime spots for avoiding homework and seeing friends.  Either in the Sunken Garden, around Swem, on the way to the Caf, or otuside Jamestown dorms, you are GUARANTEED to find a dinner or study buddy.  Or order pizza with your meal plan for the group study session in Swem.  On the first day of classes this past year I grabbed take-out from the dining hall, walked to the brick pathway at the top of the Sunken Garden, and immediately ran into four friends.  Basically the brick pathways are a money maker for finding people and chillaxin.  (Can I say that?)

Note: Bricks become slippery when wet. You will fall.  They will also catch your high heels.  You will fall.  Practice brick walking.

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