custom chocolate sugar cookies

Posted: 12 Jun 2008

I know don’t they sound delicious?!?  Sweet, dark chocolate covering an entire sugar cookie.  Custom chocolate sugar cookies symbolize just how much the Admission Office cares about students.

First the dean staff spends countless hours reading each application twice then presenting applications to the committee.  Every waking hour is spent getting to know the thousands of applicants interested in attending William and Mary.  That’s 11,000+ applications.  Times two!

Once the incoming class has been admitted, the deans redirect their focus to helping the admitted students experience our community when making their college decisions.  Well let me tell you they went all out this year!  As I was walking to one of the admitted student events I noticed these huge, delicious-looking cookies.  I asked if I could have one (they’re all really nice so of course they said yes) and couldn’t believe my eyes.  The Wren building and “William and Mary Class of 2012” were etched into the chocolate!

They were so excited about the incoming class they had met through countless applications that they ordered customized chocolate sugar cookies. Who does that?  Henry, Earl, Deborah, Stacy, Jennifer, Josh, Kim, Mike, Randy, and Wendy do that.

Since when did someone customize a sugar cookie for you?  Well the dean staff in the admission office did for 1350+  incoming freshmen.  And we’re about to show you how much we care even more through summer interviews.  That’s where I come in.  Eleven current students, including myself, fought to spend the summer in the burg getting to know prospective students.  If you’re a rising senior sign up for an interview this summer.  They’re here in Williamsburg June 23-August 15.  Here’s the link for online signups!

And in case you were wondering what the interviewers thought about the custom chocolate sugar cookies, besides being extremely jealous, Marques was quoted as saying, “They need to care more about my calories.  This is going straight to my hips!”

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