cary street’s getting busy!

It’s two days until freshmen move-in and the semester begins! After spending the entire summer here with the interns living on Cary Street, it’s crazy to see new people walking around campus.

Orientation aides and resident assistants are back in full swing waiting for students to come back and start the semester. Minivans are packed full with futons, sheets, pillows, bookcases, and dishes as students struggle to get that one full load up the steps without losing anything. As someone who has been here all summer I can’t wait to see friends who have been abroad or gone for the summer! Just last night an old roomie of mine Allison was in town. We grabbed dinner at Retro’s and talked about her internship in Palestine, her DC program she’s starting this fall, and teaching English in Morocco during winter break. I hadn’t seen Allison since May and it was great to talk with her on something other than facebook.

I don’t think anything’s more exciting than knowing all the people you care about and miss over the summer are coming back within the next week!  I can’t wait to continue to run into old friends and faces I haven’t seen for such a long time and hear about their amazing summer adventures.  Freshmen get excited about forming these relationship with your new freshman hallmates and other members of the community!  We’re excited to have you!  And to all my friends coming back-I can’t wait to see you!

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