best summer job ever

After having completed two full days of my actual duties as an intern one thing has become clear: admission intern=best summer job ever.

Monday marked our first real day of work with all 11 of us here interviewing, answering phones, giving tours, and manning the lobby. I don’t know if it’s legal to have this much fun on the job. The 10 other interns are amazing to be around 8 hours a day-I never stop laughing and having fun! Monday I was on intern duty aka tours, phones, and lobby. My tour Monday was amazing-such a great group of people! I also began my summer project to increase information and accessibility of college information to rural, diverse, and low-income students within the state of Virginia-it’s proving to be a crazy BIG task but I’m up for the challenge.

Although Monday was great, Tuesday proved to be incredible! I conducted my first interviews with rising seniors visiting William and Mary. As 5:00pm rolled around I remembered I had to fill out my time sheet because I was getting paid to sit and listen to people’s stories! What job lets you sit and talk with all different types of people and get paid??

Today is another intern duty day and I’m on the phones. I just opened the door to the interview rooms hallway because I heard a noise-the following describes what I found.

The interviewer dungeon is having a Kelly Clarkson singing party in between their interviews. In a few minutes everyone will walk upstairs and meet 6 new incredible people. They will spend 20 minutes hearing about those students’ daily lives and interests. Until then they’re going to keep rocking out to Kelly Clarkson. I think I’ll go join them!

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