Who knew?

A couple years ago, Rogers Hall, the chemistry building, was transformed into the second phase of William & Mary’s Integrated Science Center.

The first phase of the ISC was built so that it would connect to the existing Rogers structure, thereby achieving architectural integration, yadda yadda.

The only portion of the old Rogers Hall that wasn’t gutted like a fish was the lecture hall on the far end, Rogers 100. After the ISC was built, people kept referring to Rogers 100, because, well, the lecture hall retained its old name.

Or so I assumed.

I learned just a few minutes ago, from Elizabeth Harbron in the chemistry department, that the official name for Rogers 100 is ISC 1127.

Not that I ever expect to hear anyone actually call it that. This, after all, is William & Mary, and we love our traditions.

PS: Charter Day is coming up.

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