Just another rainy day in the Burg

Today in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up to what I thought was a mechanical defect with my air conditioning. It was making this really annoying sound that, in my sleepy delirium, almost made me believe that someone was playing the drums right outside my window. My second thought was that my air conditioner was in its last leg after being constantly set at the highest possible setting and coldest possible temperature in an attempt to battle the heavy Williamsburg heat. Then I spent the next five minutes trying to decide A) if I could possibly muster up the energy to get up and turn it off so that the drumming would cease and sleep could continue B) If I turned it off would I then be kept awake by the heat that I knew would immediately set in, thank you Williamsburg.

I guess for a while I was just thinking too loudly to notice that the drum was changing tempo or in other words that there was never a mechanical problem with my AC and that it was actually rain hitting the outer part of my air conditioner that hangs out of the window. Oh and there was never actually anyone playing drums outside of my window which I guess is obvious now but hey I was convinced in my groggy state. It hasn’t rained in weeks and so I was pleased to discover that I had a few more hours of sleep to go, curled up under my covers, and fell asleep to the sound of thunder and the rain pitter pattering on my air conditioning; a sound that is considerably less enjoyable than thunder but I was able to fall back to sleep only after a few seconds of tossing and turning out of annoyance.

A few hours later I faced yet another conundrum. I was lying in bed, perfectly bundled up, the room had just the right amount of dark and gloominess, the conditions were ideal for continuing my morning in a deep slumber. Ideal minus that whole job thing that I had to wake up for. After pressing snooze about 6 times I finally, stubbornly, emerged from the cave that I had constructed with my covers and pillows and lazily got ready for work while desperately trying to resist the seductress nature of a summer thunderstorm trying to allure me back to into my bed. Finally, ready to brave the elements, with no idea where my umbrella or rain boots were, I headed outside…it was only slightly drizzling at the time…so the walk from the back door to the car wasn’t too bad.

Stopping by Wawa on the way to work for some Earl Grey tea on a rainy day is so crucial so of course that’s what I did. Then I came outside to find that the drizzle had picked up into more of a tropical storm type downpour. So, I went back into Wawa and came out equipped with a plastic bag ‘rain hat’ over my head and booked it to the car. Soaked. The only thing the plastic bag did is nearly suffocate me. Great. The next step in this game was to get dropped off at the admissions office. Readjusted the paper bag hat. Jumped out of the car. Ran to the door. Soaked. Risked suffocation once again. Oh and that Earl Grey tea that I was looking so forward to, burned my tongue in the car. Still bitter about that.

Once I made it out of the rain, I headed downstairs to dry off in front of the space heater. Apparently the downstairs had also felt the wrath of the storm and brown murky water was slowly seeping in. I finally found a spot, away from the rain, flooding, and scolding hot tea. Despite the morning, I actually hoped that it would continue raining all day and I was excited to spend all day at work looking forward to going home, getting back under the covers listening to the rain, and watching movies till my brain fell out of my butt. But of course once I got to work and was safely inside the sun showed its face just to taunt me a little bit. I’ve managed to stay nice and warm and dry inside the admissions office all day. So its stopped raining for now but its 4:53pm and I’m about to get kicked out of here and start my walk home. Who knows what could happen. Wish me luck.

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