Since I’ve Been Gone

Faithful Readers,

I must apologize for my recent absence from the blogosphere, but it has been quite an eventful summer.  Allow me to fill you in since my last entry.

I lamented the end of freshmen year shortly after moving out.  It went by too fast, and I was not ready for change; I was just getting comfortable.  I missed seeing all of my friends on a daily basis.  I missed the noisy nights when trying to study, or, in my case, trying to procrastinate.  I missed Swem.  And believe it or not, I missed the Caf (the only things I know how to cook at home are eggs and cereal-no joke).  I wanted more time for freshmen year.  I wanted to make up for lost time, to tie up all the loose ends.  But unfortunately, I left the College with nothing but wishes.

After drowning myself in the melancholy melodies of Coldplay and Jack Johnson, and pathetically floating in my pool like a dead fish, I applied an extensive amount of aloe to my sun burnt epidermis and decided to embrace summer.  I started working thirty to forty hours at work, which is amazing because I really love my job (though it is completely tedious and vexing at times).  I started cracking books: first, C.S.Lewis’s The Last Battle, which a close friend recommended, then Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point (which I highly recommend for current and prospective Marketing majors), and now I am working on Dante’s Inferno.

I stayed with a buddy I met in my French 212 class for a week, too.  He was working in Williamsburg for a few weeks and without a roommate, so he offered to house me.  We never really got the chance the hang out because the two of us were constantly working, and the only time I ever really saw him was when I would sporadically wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and see him sleeping.  Possibly awkward, but I miss it.

Well, my laptop’s battery is dying and my plane is about to board.  I am typing this from terminal T07 from the Atlanta airport, where I am waiting to finally return from home from my two-week excursion to Italy.  I’ll detail that adventure in another post shortly.

ttyl, take care.

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