Quite a Jump

I could spend hours in those shoes, in that bowling alley. I wish you could have been there.

The time sure does fly. It’s been quite a jump since my last post, and I apologize for my lack of communication. Allow me to pull you up to speed with a bunch of scrambled blurbs.
As the National Communications Coordinator in Training (NCCit) for the College’s Residence Hall Association (RHA), I had the privilege of attending this year’s VAACURH (an acronym too pesky to dish—Google it), which was hosted by Radford University, whose bowling alley makes me quite envious. Yes, I said bowling alley. To whoever designed our Sadler Center: revise the blueprints. There is nothing more exciting than a night of competitive laser bowling with slammin’ music, gregarious friends, and those fantastic bowling shoes.

The road trip to and from Radford was an adventure itself; we sang our souls out to N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, and other 90s tunes (the VAACURH theme was 90s). Additionally, I intermittently lunged nearly my entire body out of the passenger side’s window while the van was cruising through the interstate. Not to worry, the driver’s shrill shrieks and my fear of being caught by austere authorities compelled me to retreat back inside of the van. This newly discovered penchant for hanging outside of rapidly moving vehicles is a thrill.
After having lunch with the professor from the freshmen seminar I took last spring at the business school, where I suggest a comrade and yourself enjoy lunch as well, I am considering double majoring, if not minoring, in Classical Studies. What better to compliment a degree in English than a degree in Classics, which will only enhance and broaden my prowess of the human condition, as well as classical tragedy, history, culture, and mythology? It’s just a thought.
I’m not sure I mentioned this, but I turned twenty on the eve of February. My friends has secretly planned a huge, campus-wide Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt, which consisted of me running around sporting a cloak trying to destroy the seven horcruxes. And what a great campus for such a hunt, right? I traveled from the basement of Millington, where I had to save ‘Ginny,’ to Washington hall, where I beat Rowena Ravenclaw in a dance-off and Helga Hufflepuff in an obstacle course, all the way to the Matoaka amphitheater where I had the final showdown with the dark lord.

It was genuine a night of amusement, excitement, and, as trite as it sounds, love. I wholeheartedly appreciate every individual who was involved, and though I may not always display my affection, I am so thankful for the friendships I have made while at the College.  These people have no idea how much they mean to me.

I have been hired as a freshman Resident Assistant (RA) for the 2011-2012 academic year. I’m stoked. What else can I say?

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