Finals Week Haikus

Faithful readers,

As the college is caught in the miasma of Finals week, I would like to share a series of haikus I wrote.  Hopefully they can express the anxiety, pain, terror, joy, ecstasy, and indolence that seems to flux from my psyche.

Only the First Week

Today is Monday

Tomorrow is two exams

Wednesday, another.

Sore Throat

Why must you keep me

From sleeping eight hours,

Another cough drop.


The sunken garden

Is grotesque and awkward,

I have a new bruise.

Studying for Accounting

The balance sheet must

Equal on both darn sides,

Another long night.

Ode to Dominos

Oh, sweet ambrosia

Large pepperoni and cheese,

Yes, I’d like to flex.

Crimes Against Humanity

Foolish Rec Center

Your early closing hours,

Will cause a revolt.

Earl Gregg Swem Library

You are always there

Even in the late of night,

You are my temple.

Studying for Trojan War Seminar

Deception, carnage,

Iron, blood, screams, many deaths.

What else is needed?

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