Finals Week, 2010, Report 1

Finals Week kicks off today.  Yes, the wonderfully dreaded Finals Week is back and more wonderful than ever.  However, I need to keep the posts short because I must study.

It’s amazing to walk into Swem and just witness the TWAMP at its finest.  I touched on this a bit in my previous blog when I mentioned registration, but finals week is when we TWAMPS really put on our game faces, and do work (except for that guy in the Yeti suit on the second floor).  I ran into a friend who told me about the beginning bedlam.  She said it felt like Black Friday waiting outside of Swem Sunday morning in hopes of nabbing a student-study-fort for the week.  When the doors had finally opened, she said, they all bum-rushed into the library, racing to capture and control their own rooms.  She managed to commandeer one of the study rooms for a few friends and herself, luckily.

We TWAMPs are vicious during finals.  Do not dare to mess with our study area because a loud unrestrained diatribe will ensue in any foreign attack upon our academic study realms.  Also, silence is most precious.  I have seen TWAMPs flip all sense.  I have seen TWAMPs cower from each other.  Be quite.  It’s that simple.

I’ll report more on Finals soon.  Till then, make Tribe Choices and try avoiding all eye-contact.

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