Before the Get Go

Finals week was quick and painful. With an exam every day, I would wake up from three to five hours of sleep, go to the gym to charge myself for the day, cram, undergo an exam, and then go right back to Swem to study for the next day. It was a riveting—and exhausting—week; I took the weekend to just relax, and actually wait before focusing on my final paper.

When I did finished the paper at roughly noon today, and as my fellow classmate, and friend, Samantha and I walked to Tyler to return in our final assignment of our sophomore year, I was overcome with both accomplishment and fatigue. That last assignment was literally the last of every inch of effort I had left from the semester. And I’m glad it’s done.

Sophomore year has been phenomenal. No joke. ‘Nough said. And a full congratulations to everyone’s success, and best of luck to the graduating seniors. You will be missed.

This summer I will attend a few high school graduations and partake in those final ‘send-off’ festivities; begrudgingly return to retail for a bit; travel to Ohio for a Residence Life conference; pillage a few hamlets; redesign the magazine I helped launch, Rocket; return to Europe for a few ebullient weeks; and possibly volunteer at Virginia Tech’s Journalism Camp.

But don’t worry. I’ll continue to post.

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