Spring has sprung, I’m just catching up!

Whew! Finals have gotten the best of me and I’ve been neglectful about updating, but with one test left and a free day tomorrow…it’s update time!

Spring semesters are my favorite time on campus, particularly from late March-May. There’s a new kind of spirit that everyone seems to have in the spring semester that isn’t exactly there in the fall. Maybe its that everyone has finally settled into the year, maybe it’s the bonds that have grown over the past semester, or maybe its just the weather.  The campus and everyone on it has a new brightness to it from the time that the first daffodils show up and it lasts until the very last students leave campus.

It seems like you can never spend enough time chatting with friends on the terrace, “studying” in the Sunken Gardens or getting involved in one of the events that are put on by organizations and AMP (and trust me, there is no shortage of events!)…oh and then there’s classes and psychology research too.

Over the past few weeks I’ve cheered on my roommate at her softball game, played tennis with friends, fed fish in the Governor’s Palace canal (best stress reliever ever, those fish are HUGE.), danced the night away at 3 formals and the King and Queen Ball, jumped on an inflatable castle in the Sunken Gardens, gone to the beach on a beautiful Saturday with my roommates, watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” outside at the Amphitheatre at Matoaka, figured out what I actually would enjoy doing with my life (best feeling ever), gotten to know a ton of people that I had never met before and had an endless number of horribly cheesy inside jokes and excessively nerdy conversations…basically, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Bad part of the semester…allergies. From experience, don’t stop taking your allergy medication just because its raining.

The last few weeks have in a sense flown by, it’s crazy to think of how much has happened and to see how the countdown to graduation for the seniors is down to single digit numbers. It still is hard to grasp that so many of the people that I’ve gotten to know really well during my last two years at the College will be leaving and starting their new lives all over the world. It’s shocking that the first person that I had ever met at William and Mary, and the person that convinced me to apply way back in December of 2006 won’t be coming back next year, but I know that I’ll see him again along with the other hundreds of graduates that I’ve met over the past two years, I’m sure of it.

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