First tour!

Last semester I was picked to become one of the new tour guides for the Admission Office and while the e-mails over the break and even the weeks spent shadowing veteran tour guides was cool and all, I have to say that I am so excited that I finally completed my first tour as a tour guide! On President’s Day, the Admission Office was inundated with over 250 visitors for the morning session and instead of doing my shift as a Tribe Ambassador and shadowing a veteran, I was paired with Drew (another new tour guide) and we tag-teamed our first tours together to a group of around 60 parents and students. After trying to shake away my nervousness, text my Tour Guide Big, Tom for some encouragement, and plan out routes with the other tour guides so that we didn’t bump into each other, we were off!

Drew and I managed to successfully show our visitors the campus, explain what makes William and Mary so special to each of us and keep each other from running into things as we walked backwards. All in all, our tour was a success! We had a great group that had tons of questions for us and didn’t mind the cold, windy day. I’m even more excited about being able to give tours now that I know that all of the shadowing and practice walking backwards has paid off!

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