King Domination

This weekend my bro and sis (and can’t forget about Taylor) made the twelve hour haul from Mountain Brook, Alabama to visit me in Williamsburg and it was awesomeeeeeeee.

The last time my brother and sister really visited was Parent’s Weekend freshman year-about a month after I started college.  Needless to say, I hadn’t really figured much out by that point–I didn’t know what to show them, who to introduce them to, where to take them etc.   And if I remember correctly, I was still crying on a daily basis whenever I got emails from my dad and texts of my cat from my mom.  It was an interesting weekend.

This weekend was a different story–not that it was the most exciting weekend in the world, but almost three years later, William and Mary had finally become my home, and I was excited to show them.  We had lunch at the Cheese Shop (and I introduced them to the beauty of bread ends and house dressing… which are DA BOMB), cooked out, hung out with friends, played volleyball outside of the Bryan complex, played frisbee in the Sunken Gardens, got Sno-to-Go, and wrapped up the weekend with Mug Night at the Leafe.

I know it sounds cheesy but I felt like I was merging my two families–my real family and my William and Mary family (or at least my summer family).  And the fit was perfect.  I’ve learned you really can always count on WAM students to be so open and welcoming to visitors, and my friends here treated my brother and my sister like they were their own family.  My sister even yelled at one point–“These people are awesome!”– probably after she bonded with one of the other interns (Alisan) over her Gryffindor shirt (sad but true–sorry Helen).

So, ultimately, I think the only appropriate way to end this blog is with some semi-pertinent Michael Jackson lyrics:

See, It’s Not About Races
Just Places
Where Your Blood
Comes From
Is Where Your Space Is!
-Black or White

Thanks MJ. You will be missed.

PS.  Props to  Nay Nay, Helen, and Tay Tay–You don’t know how much your visit meant to me…I hope you enjoyed it, and I love yall!

PPS. Mike Tomlin was at Paul’s this weekend–BALLINNNNNNNNNNNNN

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