In my world, regrets DON’T exist!

There are only those things that I wish I would have done or tried, and the curiosity of an alternate outcome. Maybe I read too many of  those Goosebumps books when I was in elementary school and I got used to thinking in terms of different paths. Maybe I’m just human and everyone feels this…whoever cares at this point. This post is actually inspired by Glee and a series of a Capella YouTube videos that I have been watching today.

I love singing. Most people have no idea about this. In fact, I am obsessed with it. There is something about the power of the human voice and the plethora of emotions it can evoke that makes me go all tingly inside (and sometimes even outside). I don’t think I have a bad voice, but I just never felt confident enough to pursue anything remotely musical (unless you count my little flirtation with the violin in class 5).

At college, singing was always something my friends did. They are probably much better at it than me too, but lately, I’ve been thinking….Why did I never even pursue it? Why did I never  try to enter the underground world of music here at W&M as an active participant instead of just as a silent observer (slash I am never silent).?

Well….so get this….when you come to college..or even if you are here…just GO FOR IT!… Don’t hesitate…have faith in yourself!

Now if you will excuse me…I am going to go step out of swem and hide in the bushes while I sing the glee version of Teenage Dream!


Have an amazing Thanksgiving Break…and if you are in might just see me!


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